Why Having Books in Your Home is Vital to Your Child’s Reading Success

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While you may have heard that having books in your home is important, it may not be obvious why this can make a real difference in your child’s life. Read on to find out!

Studies show that the presence of books leads to higher education levels.

Research indicates that access to books at a young age gives your child a greater chance of achieving a higher level of education down the road. This is due to the fact that children see what adults value by looking at the things they have and how they spend their time. A parent who has books all around is likely to be a book lover. If reading is important to parents and other influential adults in a child’s life, it will then be important to the child. Literary enthusiasm and a love for learning transfers to a child’s academic habits and has a positive cumulative effect on school achievement.

If books are within reach, parents are also more likely to read to their children daily, and children are more likely to ask to be read to. Reading every day is an easy habit to establish with the Footsteps2Brilliance app. Interactive stories appropriate for your child’s age and reading level are just a download away.

Keep books of all types and levels around.

Reading is much like other behaviors that parents model for children. When your child sees you enjoying books for pleasure, he or she picks up on how important reading is without you having to directly state it. Your library doesn’t need to be full of just children’s books to have an impact on your little ones. Seeing fiction, non-fiction, story books, and more for readers of all ages is great for teaching children that reading is a lifelong practice. While reading to your child is important, it’s just as crucial for him or her to see that you enjoy reading on your own. We suggest establishing a reading time during the day when your child can read stories in Footsteps2Brilliance while you read a book of your own.

Find inexpensive ways to give your child exposure to books.

One challenge we all face with trying to keep plenty of books in the home is the cost! Even if we want to have a full library in our homes, most of us cannot afford to purchase books often. But don’t worry; there are ways around this.

Get your child his or her own library card as early as possible, and make regular trips to the library a family routine. That way, you can have a rotating library of books and enjoy new stories for a few weeks at a time. Keeping reading fresh is fun and free at your local library!

Another great way to access lots of books is to use the Footsteps2Brilliance app. Since it is completely free and easy to download on any smart device, the app is a hassle-free tool for expanding your home library instantly. Your child will have access to 15 digital libraries of books that vary in reading level from pre-k through second grade.

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