Read-Aloud Challenge presented by Osceola Reads

Osceola Reads Read-Aloud Challenge



Read aloud for at least 15 minutes each day for 21 days.

By participating in the challenge, families will begin to make reading a daily habit. Why 21 times? Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a habit, and that is the ultimate goal. Did you miss a day? That?s okay! Just pick up where you left off.

How to Get Started

  • Print your tracker (each child gets their own) and hang it in a central location, like on the fridge or bathroom mirror.
  • Choose a reward. As adults, we know that our children learning to love reading is the real reward, but something tangible is often more motivational for kids. What is the greatest gift we can give our kids? Our time. Here are some ideas:
    • Family game night
    • Family field day
    • Arts and crafts night at home
    • Order take out for lunch or dinner from their favorite restaurant
    • Picnic indoors or in the yard
    • Movie night with their favorite snack
    • Indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt
    • Karaoke night
    • Water balloon fight
    • Family costume party

Get Reading!

Encourage your child to mark down on their tracker every day they read for at least 15 minutes. Younger readers can use stickers or color in the boxes, while older children may write what they read that day. Honestly, it?s whatever works best for your family, this isn?t meant to be a chore.

Read-alouds can be done anywhere and to any audience:

  • A parent while they are making dinner
  • A family member while sitting on the couch
  • On the floor to a stuffed animal
  • Outside to the family pet
  • Together before bedtime

Here?s the best part, ALL BOOKS COUNT! Whether your child gravitates to a picture book, chapter book, novel, comic book, or a graphic novel? it?s all the same, let them learn to love reading! We have a list of great books to read with your preschooler to help you get started and question stems you can use to get the most out of read-alouds.

Some might say, ?But my child cannot read.? That?s okay! Pre-reading is a part of the adventure. Important skills are learned before the first novel is read from cover to cover. During this stage, children learn which way a book is held, how to flip the pages, and how to use their imagination while reading.

Some tips for pre-reading:

  • Let your child flip through a picture book and ?read the pictures? by telling you what they think is happening in the story.
  • Help them select a book that has been read to them time and time again. Sometimes they know these books word for word simply from memory, leading them to feel a sense of pride and success.
  • The Osceola County Library System has a huge selection of wordless books.
  • Use this challenge as a chance to connect with your child and literature – there?s no such thing as too much help when they are learning to read.


Your child has read aloud 21 times – that is reason enough to jump for joy! Think of all the words that were read, conversations had, and the confidence that has been gained because of those 21 books.

Share your child?s success with us! We love to see photos of your family reading on Facebook and Instagram. Use the #OsceolaReads hashtag so we can share your reading successes with the community in our social media efforts moving forward.

Download Read-Aloud Challenge Tracker

Download List of Great Books to Read

Download Book Question Stems