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All Osceola County children should be ready for the first day of kindergarten!

We believe that children will be more prepared for kindergarten if they are exposed to reading from an early age. Currently, less than 50% of Osceola County kindergarten students are prepared for their first day of school. We want teachers to be able to move students forward in their education rather than exposing students to literacy skills for the first time.


  • Osceola County families
  • Teachers in public, private, and charter schools
  • Childcare facilities

Here’s some tips to make sure your child is prepared for kindergarten.


  • Provide tips and reading resources for parents and teachers
  • Register Osceola County children with the FREE reading app, Footsteps2Brilliance
  • Host reading challenges to incentivize families to read together
  • Partner with the Osceola Library System with reading challenges on Beanstack and Storytime events


The reading app Footsteps2Brilliance is free for all Osceola County children, regardless of age. With over 25 libraries filled with engaging books and interactive games, your child can have fun while learning at the same time! This comprehensive and engaging app for children preschool through third grade introduces early literacy skills, accelerates vocabulary and comprehension skills, as well as improves their multiple-choice test taking skills. 

The mobile app Footsteps2Brilliance is compatible with iOS, Android, Nook tablets, Kindle tablets, and computers. It’s easy to use and can be accessed without an internet connection once you’ve downloaded the app and its contents to a smartphone or tablet!

Here’s how you can start working with your child on reading today. 

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Here’s What Osceola County Parents Have to Say About Footsteps2Brilliance

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What we hope this program will accomplish…

By September 2021, 60% of Osceola County kindergarten students will pass school readiness assessments.

By September 2021, 70% of third-grade students will read on grade-level.

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In Fall 2014, only 13% of kindergartens in Osceola County scored proficient on their kindergarten readiness assessment. The Osceola County School District leadership realized we had a crucial problem. If students were not prepared to come into school, they would continuously be “catching up” rather than moving forward in their education.

In 2015, the Osceola County School District piloted Footsteps2Brilliance in VPK classrooms during their summer programming. During this time, they also trained all reading coaches and teachers to prepare for the implementation of the program in their classrooms. 

Along with making Footsteps2Brilliance available to all Osceola County School District students, the district leadership ensured that all Osceola County children would have access to the reading app for free. Osceola Reads came to fruition with the goal of spreading awareness of the importance of early childhood literacy and sought out registering community users and private childcare providers with Footsteps2Brilliance, as well as providing reading tips and resources to families to assure that children were prepared for their first day of kindergarten.

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