Reading Through the Holiday Season with Osceola Reads

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means your little ones are going to be home for a few weeks and out of school. While more than likely your child is looking forward to a break from school, reading through the holiday season is key to keeping them on track with their daily reading. The team at Osceola Reads has come up with a few fun ways to keep your little one engaged with learning during the holiday season.

Girl reading books to teddy bear for Christmas - Reading Through the Holiday Season with Osceola Reads


During the holidays, this normally means lots of parties and people and maybe even traveling to another state to visit family. But it doesn’t mean your child needs to forget everything they have been learning the past four months. Making time, even just 15 minutes each day will help your child stay on track and not be frustrated when they return to school. Here are a few places that your child can include reading with their busy holiday schedule.

On that long trip to grandma’s house.

Chances are, most of you will be traveling to at least one of your family members’ homes for a holiday party, and what better way to occupy your child than by having them bring along their favorite book. During the car ride, you can turn off the music or movies and have them read their book to you, letting them finish the book, and then asking them questions to make sure they understood what they read.

After dinner with their cousins.

Gather up all of those cousins to read a book and act it out as a play. Have them skip the video games this year, and encourage them to put on a show for the family. Everyone cheering and participating in their representation of the book will push them to get into character and really understand what the story is about.

Giving books as gifts.

What better way to keep your child excited about books than by giving them a book as a present. Once they have opened their new book, sit around as a family and read the book together. You can even make it a holiday-themed book to keep your little one in the holiday spirit. Who knows, it could become their favorite book and they could even choose to read it all year long.


While the holidays are a time for your child to relax just a little bit from the pressure of school, remind them that reading is an important and necessary task for their future. Let us know which activity your child enjoyed most or even share some of your fun ideas with us!


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