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Have you ever asked your children the question what do you want to be when you grow up? Many of them will say police officers or ballerinas, but there are always the kids who will say “I want to be the President of the United States when I grow up!” We love it when our kids dream big and letting them know it is possible to achieve your dreams is important. We also love that some really great presidents had a passion for reading during their lifetime. Check out how important reading was to these past presidents, and let your kids know that reading is key to a bright future. Below are three presidents who took reading to the next level.


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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was definitely a collector of books. When the British burned down the capital’s 3,000-volume Library of Congress, he generously gave his 9,000-volume library of books to Congress, as a replacement, right away. He enjoyed reading in many different languages, expanding his mind on different cultures. In the later years of his life, he continued to collect books and build relationships with as many booksellers as possible. He was a man who could never have enough books and made sure that everyone else had books, as well.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt had such a passion for books that he had a personal library of 22,000 books! Could you imagine having your very own library in your home? Let alone 22,000 books to fill that room! Because of his love for reading, all of his books have been preserved and a museum has been created in his honor for everyone else to enjoy. This goes to show there is nothing like having a physical book to read your favorite story.

Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt has definitely won the award for loving reading the most. Mr. Roosevelt was known to read a book a day, even before he had breakfast, and if he had some downtime throughout the day, he would read two, even three! Even though you would think he wouldn’t be able to remember what he read since he did it so fast, that was not the case. His reading comprehension skills were amazing, and he was able to have extremely intelligent conversations with people about almost anything.


Reading doesn’t have to be only for school or homework. Give your child encouragement that reading for fun can help them reach their biggest dreams. Reading helps with creativity and imagination and gets your child thinking out of the box. If they want to lead this country one day, they will need just that. With Osceola Reads, we use Footsteps2Brilliance, so if having 22,000 books in your home isn’t a realistic dream, you can access libraries of digital books right at the tips of your fingers!


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