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How Can I Prepare My Child for Kindergarten in Osceola County?

Starting kindergarten is an exciting adventure for children and their families. It is a new beginning for learning and developing friendships, confidence, and independence. However, it is also normal...
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4 Reading Resources for Osceola County Kids

The Osceola Reads team understands how important it is for your child to stay on track when they’re learning how to read. Want to increase your child’s reading level and make sure they fit in...
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How Does Footsteps2Brilliance Compare to Other Reading Programs in Osceola County?

When the Osceola Reads team is out in the community, we are asked quite regularly how Footsteps2Brilliance compares to other reading programs in Osceola County. The main programs in question are...
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Osceola Reads Initiative Surpasses Its Year One Goal!

Since the launch of the Osceola Reads program in February 2016, the literacy app, Footsteps2Brilliance, has registered 3,863 community users in Osceola County, surpassing the goal of 3,750 expected...
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5 Ideas for Celebrate Literacy Week with Osceola Reads

  It’s Celebrate Literacy Week! What better way to celebrate than with Osceola Reads and Footsteps2Brilliance. We have a few ideas so you and your child can spend time together making literacy...
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Osceola County preschool or charter school teacher? You need Footsteps2Brilliance!

You’ve probably heard about Osceola Reads and the Footsteps2Brilliance app that is free to all Osceola County children. But did you know it can be used in all preschools and charter schools in...
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How using Footsteps2Brilliance can help you teach your child to read

You may already be working with your child on reading skills. Still, teaching your child to read may seem like an extremely challenging task. Not to worry. The Osceola Reads team has compiled a list...
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5 Things About Footsteps2Brilliance You’re Probably Missing

Footsteps2Brilliance is already a user-friendly program, but there may be a few features you don’t know about! Let the Osceola Reads team walk you through five things about Footsteps2Brilliance...
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5 Tips for Encouraging Your Child’s Language Development

As parents, we work day in and day out to do what we believe is best for our child. We purchase the latest toys and gadgets, schedule play dates and activities, and limit their screen time. But are...
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7 Ways to Start Using Footsteps2Brilliance in Your Classroom Today

We get it! Another program to incorporate into your classroom when you are already strapped for time. But Osceola Reads brings you Footsteps2Brilliance, a program you can work into your classroom...
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