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How Encouraging the Use of Footsteps2Brilliance at Home Can Make Your Students Better Readers

Are you a teacher in Osceola County? Perhaps you teach little ones who already know how to read, or at least have a solid foundation of basic reading skills. So, why should you still encourage...
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Why Having Books in Your Home is Vital to Your Child’s Reading Success

                          While you may have heard that having books in your home is important, it may not be obvious why this can...
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Cómo usar la app GRATIS Footsteps2Brilliance para enseñar a su niño preescolar a leer

A lo mejor Ud. ya está practicando las habilidades de leer con su niño. Pero enseñar a su niño a leer con fluidez es una tarea desafiante. ¡No se preocupe! El equipo de Osceola Reads ha...
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3 Ways to Develop Reading Skills in Bilingual Children Using Footsteps2Brilliance

Are you raising or teaching a bilingual child? You may have noticed that their language skills develop a bit differently from those of a monolingual child. Maybe their first words come later, their...
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4 Tips for Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher

Once the school year is in full swing, it can be tough to stay on top of what your child is doing in the classroom.  Beyond helping with daily homework, it can slip your mind that there may be...
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6 Lifelong Benefits of Learning to Read Early

  As parents, we tend to expect that our kids will learn to read once they’re in school. Much like other milestones, we let it happen on its own time. Reading skills, though, develop much...
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How Can I Prepare My Child for Kindergarten in Osceola County?

Starting kindergarten is an exciting adventure for children and their families. It is a new beginning for learning and developing friendships, confidence, and independence. However, it is also normal...
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4 Reading Resources for Osceola County Kids

The Osceola Reads team understands how important it is for your child to stay on track when they’re learning how to read. Want to increase your child’s reading level and make sure they fit in...
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How Does Footsteps2Brilliance Compare to Other Reading Programs in Osceola County?

When the Osceola Reads team is out in the community, we are asked quite regularly how Footsteps2Brilliance compares to other reading programs in Osceola County. The main programs in question are...
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Osceola Reads Initiative Surpasses Its Year One Goal!

Since the launch of the Osceola Reads program in February 2016, the literacy app, Footsteps2Brilliance, has registered 3,863 community users in Osceola County, surpassing the goal of 3,750 expected...
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