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  Osceola Reads trae la aplicación de lectura Footsteps2Brilliance a todos los niños del Condado de Osceola ¡GRATIS! ¡Y eso incluye a los niños en la escuela, también! Footsteps2Brilliance...
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Why is 15 Minutes a Magic Number in Reading?

We get it! You are busy and finding the time to fit everything into your daily schedule is difficult, to say the least. But you keep hearing that 15 minutes of reading a day is necessary to prepare...
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Reading like a president with Osceola Reads

Have you ever asked your children the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Many of them will say police officers or ballerinas, but there are always the kids who will say “I want...
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Reading Through the Holiday Season with Osceola Reads

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means your little ones are going to be home for a few weeks and out of school. While more than likely your child is looking forward to a break from...
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Making Reading Fun with the Osceola Reads Team

Does your little one love to read? Or do they look at it as a punishment? Many kiddos look at reading as homework or a “chore.” But reading is so much more than that! Adults know how important...
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3 Ways to Help your Kiddo Read with Everyday Tasks

Do you feel like your little one is having a hard time reading? Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to help your child with reading? Remember words are all around us. In every daily...
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Avoid Summer Reading Loss with Osceola Reads and Footsteps2Brilliance

  Did you know that the average child loses two months of reading skills over summer? From the end of your child’s school year to the beginning of the next, summer reading loss takes place,...
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4 Classroom Activities Using Footsteps2Brilliance

  Osceola Reads brings the Footsteps2Brilliance reading app to all Osceola County kids for FREE! And that includes children in the classroom, too! Footsteps2Brilliance is a fantastic tool for...
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Consejos para acelerar el desarrollo de lectura de su niño

Nosotros, los miembros del equipo de Osceola Reads, entendemos los muchos hitos que vienen con la crianza de los niños. Por eso, hemos investigado unas sugerencias para incorporar en las etapas de...
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Creating Smart Spring Break Fun

Spring break is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your child having fun, relaxing, and allowing them to take a break from the structure of school time. But when you’re a busy parent, it...
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