Making Reading Fun with the Osceola Reads Team

Does your little one love to read? Or do they look at it as a punishment? Many kiddos look at reading as homework or a chore. But reading is so much more than that! Adults know how important reading is to grow the minds of young children, but sometimes we go about it the wrong way and force kids to read when they do not want to.

Here are a few ideas from the Osceola Reads team that can make reading an adventure so that your child will actually want to read!

Children building a for reading for fun
Build a fort!

Let your children use their imagination. Ask them where they would want to be right at this moment. Let them help you build what is in their mind. Have them grab their favorite book and a flashlight and read their story to you at bedtime. Taking reading to another level by letting them dream up an imaginary place will get them engaged and make reading their books more fun.


Put on a play!

Children playing dress up and putting on a play

All kids will love this activity! Have them read their favorite book and choose the character that they like the most. Have them go to their closet and put together an outfit that resembles how they imagine the character looks. Gather the rest of the family and maybe even some friends and let them put on a production of the book just for you! They will remember what the book is about and have fun telling the story in their own way.


Make it a family affair!

Family on couch reading books with each other

Children learn by example. If kiddos think that their parents do not like reading, they will think they shouldn’t like reading either. This could be a good exercise for you, too. Take the time for yourself, shut off from the world, and dive into a book you’ve been wanting to read. Grab your books, cuddle up on the couch, and spend your evening without any technology, just you, the kids, and your books. You will be amazed at how much you all need it.


Reading should never be a punishment. Reading takes you to a place you never thought you could go, opening up your child’s mind to think and learn new things. Imagine what your child could do with an imagination as big as the moon.

As Dr. Suess once said,

Oh, the places you’ll go.
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So . . . get on your way!


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