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Combining Technology and Your Child’s Learning Style | Osceola Reads with Footsteps2Brilliance

Children today are referred to as digital natives. But what exactly does that mean? As we evolve into a technology reliant era, our children are exposed at a young age to our use of smartphones, tablets, bluetooth, and apps. There is little learning curve for kids who are immersed in technology. With the constant presence […]

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9 Times to Use Footsteps2Brilliance When You Don’t Have Time

Reading with your child daily is one of the most important things you can do to help prepare them for school. It provides them a base for language development, vocabulary exposure, and imagination. But we know day-to-day life can be busy, and sometimes you may not have the time to sit and read with your […]

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Osceola County Focuses on Reading Readiness for All

Thirteen percent. It’s not a very big number. Only thirteen percent of Osceola County students entering kindergarten in fall of 2015 were prepared on their first day of school. Not prepared as in arrived with a backpack full of school supplies. We mean prepared with basic readiness skills like how to hold a pencil, the […]

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