Avoid Summer Reading Loss with Osceola Reads and Footsteps2Brilliance


Did you know that the average child loses two months of reading skills over summer? From the end of your child’s school year to the beginning of the next, summer reading loss takes place, meaning the reading progress that was made throughout the year will decline over the summer. But what is summer reading loss and how can you help avoid it? Read on to find out how Osceola Reads with Footsteps2Brilliance can help.


What is summer reading loss?Summer Reading Loss Osceola Reads with Footsteps2Brilliance

Summer reading loss is when a child’s reading development declines due to being away from the classroom or a literacy program during the summer months. Being away from the classroom can make getting age-appropriate reading materials difficult for students, which means at the start of the new school year, teachers will spend more time in the classroom catching up with the students instead of teaching them new reading strategies. It is important to spend time with your children making sure they are engaged in active reading during the summer months.


How can you prevent summer reading loss?

Osceola Reads provides the Footsteps2Brilliance reading app to all Osceola County children for free, and there are endless ways to incorporate the program with your summer reading during activities you will already be doing! When on the go or playing outside, try pointing out objects and finding rhyming words that go with them. Upon returning home, your child can use the Footsteps2Brilliance game Rhyme Slime to practice additional rhyming word families. Have a doctor’s appointment? Let your child use the Create a Book feature on Footsteps2Brilliance to create their own book about what they’d like to do after your appointment. When traveling for long car trips, challenge your child to read a book, and complete the corresponding Book Buddies comprehension questions to check for their understanding. No matter if you’re at home or on the go, Footsteps2Brilliance allows for learning opportunities anywhere!


Footsteps2Brilliance isn’t the only way to help avoid summer reading loss. Visiting your local library will give your child access to hundreds of books as well as storytimes and other reading-related activities provided by each branch!


Make sure your child has a book or access to the 15+ digital libraries of interactive books on Footsteps2Brilliance no matter where you are this summer! And remember to get in your 15 minutes of reading each day!

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