7 Ways to Start Using Footsteps2Brilliance in Your Classroom Today

We get it! Another resource to incorporate into your classroom when you are already strapped for time. But Osceola Reads brings you Footsteps2Brilliance, an early literacy app geared for children ages pre-k through 3rd grade that you can work into your classroom routine. We have outlined seven ways you can easily start using Footsteps2Brilliance in your classroom today with little to no setup involved (we take care of that for you).

1. Using the MegaMouth Decoders Library, you can incorporate a Footsteps2Brilliance story into your phonics and comprehension lessons. With the ability to have the story read to the class, record yourself and students reading, or read independently, the scaffolding options for teachers and students are on point for all levels. The visual component available for all students and the manipulation of individual words makes for excellent features to help your students with phonics and comprehension practice in the context of an actual story.


2. Many games are included in Footsteps2Brilliance. There are games that help students practice language skills, logic & reasoning, letters, sounds, and words. For example, in our language skills game section, each game introduces a different part of speech with practice in identifying them. This could be a great way to add a bit of variety into the classroom! With such a wide variety of skills covered, you should be able to find a complementary learning activity for your students to use during their center rotations. The students can rotate through computers, tablets, or the SmartBoard.

3. Check student comprehension skills after reading using Book Buddies. Book Buddies offers useful features, such as the option to have the questions and answers read aloud, as well as a hint for each question that takes the student to the page where the answer can be found. The hints assist with going back in the text, a skill we know can always use some extra practice.


4. Footsteps2Brilliance now has a Project-Based Learning section that you can use to align your ELA and Science standards. The activities are spread across five days, and your students can easily begin the readings and vocabulary activities for Day 1 with a little modeling.

5. Incorporate multimedia into lessons. In the Learning Lyrics section, kids can sing along to songs that teach them numbers, months of the year, time, or days of the week. The bright colors and engaging illustrations can add variety when learning these.


6. We all know that at times, being in a classroom all day means the kids get a bit squirmy. To get those wiggle worms out you can use one of our riddle games, such as Homophone Riddles or Animal Riddles & Rhymes, to take a quick brain break.

7. Osceola has a strong Spanish culture, and within Footsteps2Brilliance, we have an option for easy switching to a Spanish version of the app. This is to help students who may only speak Spanish, are just learning English, or speak both languages. It can be a great tool for them to compare the two languages when reading or playing games.


These seven ideas are just that, a few ideas to get you started using Footsteps2Brilliance in your classroom. Do you not have WiFi in your classroom? That’s no problem! Footsteps2Brilliance does not need WiFi to use the app, but be sure to log in while connected periodically so student usage data can be recorded in our database.

We would love to know how you already use this free reading resource in your classroom. Send feedback to let us know what Footsteps2Brilliance feature you are currently using or plan to use in the near future! Not yet registered? Contact us at info@osceolareads.com so we can help you get you and your students your own Super Secret Codes to begin playing.

Looking for ways to get your students? parents using Footsteps2Brilliance? Send them a link to our 9 Times to Use Footsteps2Brilliance When You Don’t Have Time blog!


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