5 Ideas for Celebrate Literacy Week with Osceola Reads

Osceola Reads Celebrate Literacy Week


It’s Celebrate Literacy Week! What better way to celebrate than with Osceola Reads and Footsteps2Brilliance. We have a few ideas so you and your child can spend time together making literacy an important part of your day!


Reading time is the best time! In honor of Celebrate Literacy Week, taking time out to read with your child only makes sense. This can be easily achieved with the Footsteps2Brilliance app! Choose from 15 libraries of books to enjoy in both English and Spanish. You’ll surely find a story that fits the ticket for your family. Might we suggest a story from the Alphabet Animals STEM Series or the Academic Language Program?


Games, games, games! Who doesn’t love a good game? Lucky for you, there are more than 35 interactive games on Footsteps2Brilliance that are both educational and fun! This isn’t even including the games associated with many of the books in the libraries. You and your child can challenge each other to see who can complete each level the quickest.


Word search it up! In true teamwork fashion, help your child complete a word search. The theme is clearly centered around Celebrate Literacy Week using words that go along with reading and its benefits. Click here to download your free Osceola Reads word search!


Bookmark decorating! Not all books are digital and the Osceola Reads team loves any reading you do with your child. We’ve created bookmarks for you and your child to decorate to help save your place when it’s time to put that book down for a bit. Click here to download your free Osceola Reads bookmarks and let the decorating begin!


Story creation! Create a drawing using My Doodle Pad in Footsteps2Brilliance and then create a story with your child about what is happening in the picture. Want to take it a step further? Use the Create a Book feature to place backgrounds and characters to really build out your storyline, then add your story directly to the pages. You can even print out or email yourself a copy of your creation. Want to be featured in one of our posts or blogs? Email your child’s story to us at info@osceolareads.com!


We hope the above ideas help you find ways to spend a few minutes each day reading and working with your child this week. We would love to see how you spent time together for Celebrate Literacy Week! Be sure to tag us in your posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #OsceolaReads.


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