5 Ideas for Celebrate Literacy Week with Osceola Reads





It’s Celebrate Literacy Week! What better way to celebrate than with Osceola Reads. We have a few ideas so you and your child can spend time together making literacy an important part of your day!

Pick Up a Book 

Celebrate Literacy Week by taking the time to read with your child. This is a great time to start the Osceola Reads Read-Aloud Challenge! You can even add some new books to your rotation. Be on the lookout for some newly published books such as A Little Book About 1,2,3’s by Leo Lionni and The Box Turtle by Vanessa Roeder.


Great Books to Read With Your Preschooler

Hands-On Reading

Many children learn by doing. There are tons of ways to help your child with literacy skills through hands-on activities. Our DIY Literacy blog includes five activities that you can do with your child, with items you probably already have at home such as 

  • Baking
  • Letter Matching
  • DIY Kinetic Sand
  • Making Cloud Clay
  • Color Scavenger Hunt

Let Creativity Shine

All it takes to begin your writing journey is paper, crayons, and imagination. Let your child draw a picture, and help them to write a sentence or two to match.  For your older children, they can do the writing themselves. 

We know we have some very creative children in our Osceola Reads family and we would love to see your designs! If you want to be featured in one of our blogs, email your child’s story to us at info@osceolareads.com!

Change the Scenery

Opening a book is a way to have an adventure without ever leaving your home. Get creative with your 15 minutes (or more). One idea is to let the kiddos put on a play for you based on favorite stories, like The Three Little Pigs. These are the moments that will help your child fall in love with reading and create memories they will always cherish.

Virtual Read-Alouds

COVID-19 was a time of uncertainty for many aspects of life, but one thing that never was questioned was the importance of reading for our children. So many organizations created YouTube libraries and websites, such as our Virtual Read-Aloud playlist, with TONS of stories being shared. Take advantage of someone else reading the story and listen along with your child.


We hope these ideas help you find ways to spend a few minutes each day reading and working with your child. We would love to see how you spent time together for Celebrate Literacy Week! Be sure to tag us in your posts using #OsceolaReads.


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