4 Reading Resources for Osceola County Kids

The Osceola Reads team understands how important it is for your child to stay on track when learning how to read. Do you want to make sure your child fits in some reading time every day? We’ve got four reading resources that will do the trick!

little boys reading on tablet Osceola Reads with Footsteps2BrillianceFootsteps2Brilliance

The reading app Footsteps2Brilliance is free for all Osceola County children, regardless of age. With over 25 libraries filled with engaging books and interactive games, your child can have fun while learning at the same time! It’s easy to use and can be accessed without an internet connection once you’ve downloaded the app and its contents to a smartphone or tablet!

Are you an Osceola County preschool or charter school teacher? Learn more about why you should incorporate Footsteps2Brilliance into your classroom!

Storytimes at your Local Osceola Library Branch

Each library within Osceola County features Storytimes to show children that learning can be fun and enjoyable. The Osceola Library System hopes this program will help them gain early literacy skills in preparation for entering school. Each branch* offers different stories at various times throughout the week, so be sure to check your local branch’s schedule and add them to your calendar!

Due to COVID-19, some schedules and branches may be following different storytime protocols. Please check with the specific branch.

Beanstack Reading Challenges

The Osceola Library System hosts various challenges through Beanstack. You don’t even need to have a Library card or eCard to register and use this free resource! Check out some of their challenges and get reading at the links below.

Interactive Websites

There are many free reading websites and apps your child can use to prepare for kindergarten and increase their reading level. Each of these websites has varying unique features that will help your child learn beginning reading skills, develop bilingual skills, and provide a library of read-alouds to enjoy together as a family.

Are you looking for more ideas to add to your family’s reading time? Check out our blog library and our Parent Resources page for tons of tips and tricks to foster a love of reading in your home.


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